Working Group 3

Working Group 3: Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
Lead: Prof. Dr. Vivi Schl√ľnssen
Co-Lead: Prof. Dr. Per Gustavsson/Prof. Dr. Karen Broberg

Working Group Members:

Working Group 3
Additionally to cooperative activities with other WGs, WG 3 will provide a sustainable research and training program in the field of Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology for the Early Career Investigators. In collaboration with other WGs, WG 3 will provide opportunities for participation in environmental & occupational epidemiological research, more specifically in the development of novel exposure response relationships, in the area of exposure-related diseases. WG3 will also provide basic training in the epidemiology of exposure-related diseases. For computer skills training the focus will be on epidemiological modeling including spatio-temporal, exposure-response and Interaction modellig.