Studying adverse health outcomes related to the environmental exposures (in the living and working environment) is a major societal challenge today. According to estimates made by the WHO, worldwide about 55 million people died in 2011 from non communicable diseases (NCDs), including cancer, diabetes, chronic cardiovascular, neurological and lung disease. Although epidemiological and toxicological studies provide evidence for a significant role of environmental exposure in initiation and progression of degenerative diseases and cancer, there is still the challenge of identifying determinants of prevalence and morbidity of NCDs. After spending much time and resources to identify the contribution of genetic factors in the onset of NCDs, it is time to look closer at the evidence for a role of environment factors in the prevalence and morbidity of NCDs, DiMoPEx will develop an interdisciplinary collaborative network, providing insight into emerging issues of morbidity and mortality from exposure-related health outcomes.